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Furniture casters

 Top plate, swivel plastic casters: Scn10, Scn12, Scn15 



Top plate swivel casters, without break: SCr25, SCn25, SCv25, SCk25



Top plate swivel casters with break:  SCvb25, SCkb25

Top plate, fixed casters: FCr25, FCn25, FCv25, FCk25 

 Top plate, pp fixed casters: 62015, 62025, 62030, 62045
 Top plate swivel casters with and without brake, double ballrace: SCnd15, SCnd25, SCndb25
  Furniture casters, water transparent, without brake: CH3012A, CH3011A-50, CH3011A-75
 Furniture transparent casters: CH3012B, CH3011B-50, CH3011B-75 

 Furniture transparent light blue casters, without brake: CH3012A-35LB, CH3011A-50LB, CH3011A-75LB



 Furniture transparent light pink casters, without brake: CH3012A-35LP, CH3011A-50LP, CH3011A-75LP



 Furniture transparent black casters, without brake: CH3012A-35LD, CH3011A-50LD, CH3011A-75LD



 Threaded stem swivel casters with and without brake, double nylon ballrace, sleeve bearing: SCtnd15, SCtnd25, SCtndb25



  Bolt hole swivel casters, double nylon ballrace: SChnd15



 Top plate swivel nylon casters: SCpp15, SCpp25, SCpp30, SCpp35, SCpp42



 Top plate fixed nylon caters: FCpp15, FCpp25, FCpp30, FCpp35, FCpp42



Top-plate swivel caster               Caster with П-like housing, 18mm                                  
1311 1312
Stem caster Top plate caster, black rubber
1321 1322
Threaded stem caster Top plate caster, black
Stem caster Threaded stem black caster
1341 1342